Have You Ever Said “My Hair Hurts”?

By Christa | Hair

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Nov 30

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Ever said “my hair hurts”? I know. It doesn’t really make sense, but I used to say this all the time. Wearing my hair up always hurt. I know it wasn’t actually my hair that hurt but rather my hair follicles hurting from my hair being forced in a different direction than it was used to. My scalp would hurt. For others wearing their hair up can give them headaches. Do you suffer from any of these hair dilemmas?

Well hair cords have totally changed the game for me. I can now wear my hair up without pain. And I can wear it up without creating unsightly creases in my hair when I take it down. Hair cords eliminate all the drawbacks of traditional hair elastics and hair ties. GummiBand Hair Cords are offered in a stunning array of shades that look as delicious and colourful as candy.

Some of the amazing benefits of GummiBands are:

  • They are hypoallergenic because they don’t absorb any water or sweat to breed bacteria.
  • They are suitable for all types of hair, including curls. If your hair is extra long and thick just double up your GummiBands.
  • They are gentle on hair reducing damage.
  • They are reusable for many years. If they end up getting stretched out (my daughter does this creating buns) you simply warm them up with hot air from a hair dryer or hot water to bring back their original shape.
  • GummiBand hair cords have a 1 year full replacement warranty. Can you believe it? A warranty on a hair accessory!

GummiBand is a Canadian company based in Vancouver and are active supporting local fundraisers. They ship in flat envelopes to reduce waste and allow their customers to benefit from free shipping.

They are sold in a 4 pack for just $7.99 CAD. I highly recommend you try them out! Order with promo code BONUS31 to receive 2 FREE GummiBands with the purchase of every 4 pack! That’s 50% more GummiBands for free with every order. Just add the promo code into the notes section will pop up during the order process that asks if you have a promo code from a blog post, Instagram, or YouTube video.

Enter to Win 2 Packs of GummiBand Hair Cords! Open to residents of Canada over the age of 18. Enter via the widget that will load below. Content open until Thursday, December 27th, 2017 at 11:59PM. Good luck!

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