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Hi! I’m Christa and I’m a professional makeup artist. I'm passionate about helping women embrace, and enhance, their natural beauty. I believe makeup should not be a mask we hide behind. It’s a fun and empowering tool to accentuate our true beauty.



Too Faced Life’s a Festival Collection Review and Swatches


Are you ever too old to love unicorns? Not in my opinion! The Too Faced Life’s a Festival Collection is certainly a whimsical and very youthfully presented collection but I really think there is something in the collection any beauty lover can fall in love with. I happen to adore unicorns and bright pastel colors so I am loving this collection right up. Peace, love, and unicorns all the way! The products are infused with crushed Rose Quartz crystal to give you that feel good loving energy.

The star of the collection would have to be the Too Faced Life’s a Festival Eye Shadow Palette ($42 US). The packaging is very cute with a plush, cushy feel top with gold glitter and strong iridescent detailing. The inside of the palette is very iridescent.

The palette includes 12 eyeshadows as well as a large pan of eyeshadow/highlighter. The shades are:

  • Young & Free (matte bubblegum pink)
  • Rainbow Life (vibrant coral pink shimmer)
  • Sunset Dream (golden tangerine shimmer)
  • Fun in the Sun (gold to green shift)
  • Fireflies (gilded golden green)
  • Funtasy (electric orchid)
  • Dusk Teal Dawn (vibrant shimmering teal)
  • Euphoric (peachy gold shift),
  • Desert Vibes (warm caramel brown)
  • Beamin’ (pearl to gold shift)
  • Mystic Rain (lavender to aqua shift),
  • Artist Pass (teal to maroon shift)
  • Eyeshadow/Highlighter in Unicorn Tears (iridescent light blue to lilac shift)

This palette is best used as an option to pull out when you are looking to add something fun and adventurous to your look. I don’t find it works well for creating many cohesive eye looks. It is great they included a matte brown in here that can be used in the crease but there is no matte base shades nor any real deeper shades for contrast. Also many of the colours don’t really pair well together. I think this palette is excellent for pulling one or two colours from to add to an eyeshadow look. Beamin’ and Unicorn Tears are stunning inner corner highlights. The wide variety of duochrome color shifting shades are stunning on the lid. This is a really beautiful palette. So many unique and interesting colours in one palette. If you love having dimension and impact in your eye look you can’t go wrong having this palette in your collection to turn to. The quality and color payoff if wonderful.

Rainbow highlighters have become a trend and I think the Too Faced Rainbow Strobe Highlighter ($30 USD) pulls it off in a really flattering and wearable way. I think you’d be hard pressed trying to apply a single shade from this pan alone as a highlighter, although you could easily do so with smaller eyeshadow brushes for use on the eyes, particularly in the inner corner. Blended together the shade is a beautiful softly iridescent cool toned ivory.

The colour payoff is sheer so it doesn’t come off looking unnatural or weirdly colored. It is quite sparkly though which isn’t my personal preference for a highlighter.

The Too Faced Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush ($34 USD) is squeal worthy. The rainbow brush head, iridescent purple handle, and gold ferrule and accents are so pretty!

The Too Faced Unicorn Tears Bronzer ($30 USD) is a beautiful glowing bronzer. The mystical purple shimmering unicorn doesn’t noticeably alter the bronzer shade. You could use it as a highlighter with a small brush but it’s pretty tricky. It has a gorgeous purple and pink iridescent shimmer. Mixed together you get a warm glowing bronzer. It’s a bit on the deeper side. It may be a little tricky for the very fair to pull off and is better suited for light to medium and tan skin tones. The bronzer has a sheen to it rather than a shimmer so you get a glowing effect rather than a shimmering one. If you love a radiant, rather than matte, bronzer I think you’ll love this. It’s one of the most versatile products in the collection for those wanting a piece that more tame but still has the unicorn fun.

The Too Faced Unicorn Highlighting Stick ($28 USD/$39 CAD) is meant to look like a unicorn horn with the sharp point removed but I can’t help but think it looks like a twist up turd. But a beautiful twist up turd! This is one of the prettiest products in the collection. The shade Unicorn Dreams is a stunning golden peach cream highlighter that offers intense shine without being glittery. The shades official description is ethereal golden rose. The shade is gorgeous and it blends out really nicely on the skin.

There is also a second shade available called Unicorn Tears which is an opalescent shifting blue shimmer. Not sure how that would look on the face!

I am in love with the gold shimmer unicorn on the packaging!

Too Faced Unicorn Tears Bronzer / Rainbow Strobe Highlighter / Unicorn Horn Highlighter Unicorn Dreams

Too Faced Festival Refresh Spray ($24 USD/$32 CAD) is a great setting and refreshing spray for those with dry skin. The subtle glow (the ultra fine opalescent shimmer settles to the bottom of the bottle so you need to shake before use) adds life to an otherwise dull face. It’s hydrating, alcohol free, and cooling.

There are some really playful products for lips in this collection that I actually find very wearable. (Well some of the shades anyway!) The Too Faced La Crème Mystical Effects Lipstick ($22 USD/$26 CAD) is very aptly named. These lipsticks have such a beautiful effect. They have metallic iridescent finishes with a duo chrome effect. The shade shifting technology also lets the lipstick change colour depending on temperature so they don’t appear on the lips as they do in the tube. There are four shades available. I have:

  • Angel Tears – iridescent light yellow, blossoms into shimmering pink champagne
  • Unicorn Tears – iridescent light blue, blossoms into cool shimmering pink

Also available are:

  • Mermaid Tears – iridescent mermaid tail green, blossoms to shimmering deep lilac
  • Fairy Tears – iridescent pearl, blossoms into shimmering soft coral

Angel Tears is a beautiful topper on top of other lip colours. Just a touch on the centre of the lips is lovely. It is also beautiful on it’s own if you aren’t afraid of some serious shimmer. Unicorn Tears is more of a novelty shade but quite beautiful nonetheless.

The Too Faced Magic Crystal Lip Topper ($19 US/$24 CAD) is so freaking pretty! Like the lipsticks it comes in four shades. The two shades I have are:

  • Fairy Tears – shimmering light yellow duochrome with pink
  • Mermaid Tears – shimmering mermaid tail green duochrome with lilac shift

The other two shades are:

  • Unicorn Tears – shimmering light blue
  • Angel Tears – shimmering pearl duochrome

Fairy Tears is just gorgeous. It’s so lovely on it’s own and it off course works beautifully to transform any lipstick beneath with a warmth and duochrome peach pink glow. Mermaid Tears will certainly transform your lip colour with it’s green hued base.

Too Faced Lip Topper in Fairy Tears & Mermaid Tears / Mystical Effects in Unicorn Tears & Angel Tears

What I haven’t mentioned yet is how incredible ALL of these products smell. It is described as a sweet unicorn scent. No idea what that means but it smells freaking fantastic!

Have you tried anything from the Too Faced Life is a Festival Collection? Do you think you’re ever too old for unicorns? (I don’t!) My daughter has pretty much laid claim to this entire collection but there were a couple pieces I flat out refused to hand over!

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tell me more!

Hi! I’m Christa and I’m a professional makeup artist. I'm passionate about helping women embrace, and enhance, their natural beauty. I believe makeup should not be a mask we hide behind. It’s a fun and empowering tool to accentuate our true beauty.



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