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I'm an Intuitive Mindset + Life Coach, Gene Keys Enthusiast, Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, Makeup Artist, and Beauty Blogger. It is my mission in life to help women realize their passion, purpose, and personal power so they can embrace the spirit of possibility and choose to create a life they love.


I'm here to help you dive deep into, and overcome, what's been holding you back so that you can step into your power and start living a life full that fulfills you and brings you passion and joy.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to truly know yourself? To discover all the buried parts of yourself. Accept them, embrace the shadows and the light, and love your whole self. Stop being the victim and own your power, your beauty, your divine being. Rise above your limiting beliefs and repressed quirks and be your authentic self with confidence.


How would you like to feel truly connected to something bigger than yourself. To know that you are not alone. You are loved and supported at all times. A beautifully unique and destined piece of a bigger picture. To have a sense of peace, purpose, and connection in your life. Take comfort knowing you aren't just stumbling through this life just to get by.


How would you like to live a life of intention? Knowing what you truly desire from life and moving forward with passion and purpose. Sometimes we lose sight of who we are and what our soul is longing to fulfil. Discover your authentic self and live in integrity to those values. Break free of what's been holding you back. No more fitting into everyone else's boxes!

ARE YOU READY to get out of your own way and start creating a life you'll love?

Are you ready to choose to create the positive changes in your life you're desiring. I can offer you the support, guidance, and accountability you need to stop self sabotaging and start succeeding! Click below to find out more about my 1:1 Coaching Packages and to schedule your free Discovery Call to see if working together 1:1 is right for you!

Gene keys report and reading

The Gene Keys are a tool for unlocking your own highest potential and purpose. Your Hologenetic Profile reveals the unique design of your consciousness. It is like a blueprint for your life revealing your purpose, what you are here to offer the world, the gifts you have to share, the shadows and subconscious patterns that hold you back. It shows you how you can break through what’s been holding you back and realize your highest potential and purpose to become the fullest expression of who you are.


Chakras are the energetic centres of our body through which our energy flows. There are 7 major chakra energy centres. Imbalance of your chakras affects your physical wellbeing and health, your energy, your emotions, your self confidence, your ability to communicate, your sense of security and so much more.

This is so much more than an intuitive reading and chakra scan. You will receive a full PDF report that includes guidance from you spirit and your guides, recommended crystals, essential oils, and affirmations for balancing your Chakras along with some techniques you can implement.

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Get insight on what’s been holding you back, what is waiting beneath the surface, and how to uncover the greatness within you with an intuitive Tarot or Oracle Card Reading.

Receive an overview of past, current, and future energies affecting you right now. Providing guidance and insight into realizing your full potential along with a look at the overall theme of how to unleash your awakening and the inspired action to be taken.

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