passion, purpose, & Possibility

4 week group program

Are you tired of feeling stuck?

Are you ready to stop holding yourself back from realizing your full potential?

Are you are ready to be supported in getting to know your true self and finally break through some of the limiting beliefs and walls that have been keeping you from boldly pursuing your desires and taking the inspired action to make them happen?

Maybe you're not even sure of what the heck you even want and why, and are ready to find that clarity and direction.

You want to have the powerful daily rituals that will bring you a stronger connection to your soul, your highest self, your intuition, and a connection to something greater so you can feel truly inspired, connected, guided, and driven by a larger purpose and know the true extent of the possibilities before you and your ability to make them a reality.

If you are ready to leave the excuses behind, choose yourself, and decide you are worthy and capable of so much more this is the program for you!

This program will be intense. We are diving deep and covering a lot of ground in 4 weeks. If you commit you can expect to walk away in four weeks feeling a new sense of passion, purpose, and possibility. You will have lifetime access to the content so don't be intimidated by the scope of what we will be diving into!

The Passion, Purpose, & Possibility 4 Week Group Program includes:

  • Weekly training video.
  • Weekly exercises and printouts.
  • Weekly group calls held over Zoom.
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    Private Facebook Group to receive support from me as well as the other amazing women joining you in this journey.
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    Impromptu Facebook live videos and posts where I will offer things that may include additional guidance, support, mediations, healings, and readings as I am guided.
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    Lifetime access to the content.




During the first week we will develop a new and heightened sense of self awareness and self-realization. This module is all about self-discovery and deep diving, soul engaging work that will powerfully take you to new levels within yourself to draw out and dig into the truth of who you are and who you long to be. An exploration that will bring for the limiting beliefs, stories, constraints, and self-sabotaging behaviors that have been keeping you small to the forefront so we can bust through them, dispel them, and heal them so you can move forward, rise up, and grow.




During week two we will look at ways of creating your own spiritual and personal development practice that will have you feeling more confidently connected and supported in your journey. We will look at ways you can connect to spirit/source/the universe to receive guidance, support, and signs. We will also ensure you are developing a personal development practice that honors you living your truth, being authentic, and being present in your life. We will look at things like meditation, journaling, using oracle cards, and asking for signs so you can feel more aligned, increase your intuition, feel more guided and inspired, and have more clarity.



Passion and Purpose

During week three we will deep dive into discovering and owning our passion and purpose in life. What really lights you up and brings you joy. What is it you truly desire and want more of in your life? What is truly important to you and can fuel you moving forward and creating positive change in your life.



Personal Power and Possibility

Release the boxes and constraints that you have placed on yourself and that have been placed on you by family, society, and more. Start living again in the spirit of possibility that was so natural as a child when we weren’t so quick to discount our own dreams and desires. Take back your personal power and embrace an empowered way of living. This is when you will start creating an aligned and inspired action plan to manifest the changes in your life you are desiring.

Who am i?

Hi! I'm Christa Potter and I'll be guiding you through this journey. I'm an Intuitive Mindset + Life Coach and Tarot and Oracle Card Reader. I am a Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach and a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner. It is my mission in life to help women realize their passion, purpose, and personal power so they can embrace the spirit of possibility and choose to create a life they love.


4 week program


payment plan

  • The 4 Week Group Program + 2 private 60 minute coaching sessions paid in two instalments.


4 Week program

  • ​Weekly lesson video
  • Weekly exercises and printouts
  • Weekly group call
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Impromptu Facebook lives
  • Lifetime access


4 week program

+ 1:1 Support

  • Everything in the 4 Week Group Program plus...
  • 2 private 60 minute one on one coaching calls

we begin july 16th, 2018!

Enrolment closes Sunday, July 15th at 11:59 EST!



I can't thank Christa enough for her work. It's like she knew exactly what I needed to hear and it has filled me with SO much excitement for what's ahead. It was exactly the motivation I needed to pursue my goals for the year. Thank you!


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