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Hi! I’m Christa and I’m a professional makeup artist. I'm passionate about helping women embrace, and enhance, their natural beauty. I believe makeup should not be a mask we hide behind. It’s a fun and empowering tool to accentuate our true beauty.



Urban Decay Heavy Metal Holiday 2017 Collection Review & Swatches


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What says the Holidays more that glitz and glitter? The Urban Decay Heavy Metal Holiday 2017 Collection is my kinda holiday beauty indulgence.

The Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette ($72 CAD) may have my favorite packaging of any Urban Decay eyeshadow palette to date. First of all it’s in one of my favorite colours, lavender. Secondly it is very beautifully and uniquely designed, like a piece of art. The left side of the palette has a crushed effect. Like it was squished during production. Secondly, rather than opening up with a mirror on the underside of the lid and the shadows on the bottom, with this palette you slide out the mirror and eyeshadow tray from its casing.

This limited edition palette not only features 20 all new eyeshadows but they are also an all new eyeshadow formula. This new formula was created for this palette to really bump up the foiled metallic effect for show stopping shine. They are really creamy and buttery for intense colour payoff and ease of blending.

What I really love is this palette features fun colours on the one side and metallic neutrals on the other. So versatile. I never would have thought that a “Heavy Metal” eyeshadow palette would be something I would reach for every day but this palette is just that. I always love having shimmer and shine at least on the inner portion of my eyelid every day. My eye looks just don’t feel complete without it. This palette gives you endless possibilities for creating full on glam metal looks or just adding the perfect accent to an otherwise tame look.

Every single shade is metallic so you will need to add other shadows into your look if you prefer matte shades in the crease as I do. Simply partner this palette with an Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and your set!

Shades included:

  • GROUND (metallic black w/iridescent shimmer)
  • SPANDEX (metallic deep blue w/purple shift and blue micro-sparkle)
  • METALHEAD (metallic deep purple)
  • MULLET (metallic deep green)
  • TWISTED (metallic gold)
  • ALUMINUM (metallic warm gray-taupe w/iridescent micro-sparkle)
  • DIVE (metallic medium blue)
  • PUNK ROCK (metallic fuchsia)
  • AMP (metallic bright teal)
  • GLAMROCK (metallic silver)
  • BASS (metallic bronze)
  • DEMO (metallic bronze-rose)
  • AFTERPARTY (metallic red)
  • ROADIE (metallic burgundy)
  • SCREAM (metallic mauve)
  • GLORY (metallic golden bronze)
  • STARFIRE (metallic bright copper)
  • ANGELFIRE (metallic pale pink)
  • MAIDEN (metallic beige)
  • ACOUSTIC (metallic nude)
I was really impressed that even the purple and blue shades in this palette, which is usually where you run into pigmentation issues, are really beautifully pigmented. I had a little trouble building up the colour of Roadie to show up well on my eyes for some reason though. I definitely recommend pairing this palette with an eyeshadow base to reduce shimmer fallout and ensure you are tapping the excess off your brush before taking it to the eye. These are intense shadows so if you aren’t careful you could end up with a bit of a mess.
The limited edition Urban Decay Vice Metal Meets Matte Lipstick Palette ($45 CAD) is one of the most rounded and versatile lip palettes I’ve ever seen. It includes 12 shades from the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick collection including six new shades. The deep purple metallized palette is gorgeous. There is a large mirror inside and a flip aside cover to keep your lipsticks protected.
The top row features six of the Urban Decay Metallized finish Vice Lipsticks, while the bottom row is all matte. Five Comfort Matte formula and one Mega Matte shade. I am so impressed with the colour range offered. There are pink and beige neutrals, vampy shades, reds, along with bright pops of colour. Not to mention all the endless combinations you can create mixing the shades. I also really love that the palette includes a high quality retractable lip brush.

They really thought of everything with this lip palette. The palette was designed with lipstick wells with a special stair-step effect that allows you to wipe away any excess lipstick off the brush while keeping it in its compartment and mess free. These lipsticks have the same amazing Vice Lipstick formula with Urban Decay’s proprietary Pigment Infusion System™ that gives each shade its creamy texture, rich colour payoff, and even color dispersion. The Yummy Butter Blend comforts, hydrates, and conditions lips so they never feel dry.

The 12 shades in the palette are:

  • BANGER – (Metallized) deep oxblood
  • AMULET – (Metallized) metallic brick rose
  • FAST TALK – (Metallized) mauve-nude pink
  • BIG BANG – (Metallized) bright pink sparkle
  • MAD – (Metallized) bright purple shimmer
  • SPARK – (Metallized) bright red w/tonal shimmer
  • CSB – (Comfort Matte) dark berry
  • TAME – (Comfort Matte) medium nude-pink
  • BACKTALK – (Comfort Matte) mauve-nude pink
  • DOUBLE TEAM – (Comfort Matte) pale pink w/blue undertone
  • SHALLOW – (Comfort Matte) lavender
  • 714 – (Mega Matte) bright red

The Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner ($23 CAD) is a great way to start exploring glitter. Avoid the mess of loose glitter and the hassle of needing seperate glitter adhesives etc. by trying out these stunning Glitter Eyeliners. The fine glitters are suspended in a gel. That means there is no need for a seperate adhesive and also no need to shake the products as the glitter won’t seperate from the base like what happens with many water based formulas. The gel is enriched with peach and cucumber extract to condition the skin which explains the cooling sensation I experienced. It also includes carrot extract to smooth and soften the skin.

The Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners are so much more than just a glitter eyeliner. You can of course apply these in a fine line with the thin tipped brush applicator. Try layering them over black or coloured liners for an even more stunning result. On top of using as an eyeliner you can also use the side of the applicator to sweep the glitter over your eyelid for a sparkling effect over your eyeshadow. You can even tap some product onto your finger right out of the tube and pat on the lid. I find the Heavy Metal Glitter wears really well as long as you don’t rub your eyes. Rub your eyes and you’re in for a whole world of glitter fallout. But that’s to be expected. No rubbing!

ACDC? / Glam Rock / Spandex / Midnight Cowboy / Distortion

New shades:

Punk Rock / Catcall / Stix and Bones / Grind / Gamma Ray / Pyro

There are a total of 13 shades available including what I believe are 6 new shades. I have all but Junkshow and Amp to share with you today.

  • ACDC – ACDC is described as a bright purple glitter which this obviously is not. It is labelled ACDC though and I can’t find a shade online I’m missing that would match this shade. What I have is a lovely rosey taupe glitter. It’s a mystery!
  • Glam Rock – silver glitter
  • Spandex – deep blue-black with iridescent glitter
  • Midnight Cowboy – beige glitter
  • Distortion – iridescent glitter
  • Punk Rock – iridescent brown glitter. I find this is more burgundy and purple toned than brown. Gorgeous!
  • Catcall – pink glitter
  • Stix and Bones – iridescent maroon glitter
  • Grind – light pink iridescent glitter. This colour shift on Grind is stunning.
  • Gamma Ray – bright blue and silver glitter
  • Pyro – iridescent and silver glitter. This iridescent glitter is finer and and not as strong an iridescence as Distortion. Very pretty.

ACDC / Glam Rock / Spandex / Midnight Cowboy / Distortion / Punk Rock / Catcall / Stix and Bones / Grind /Gamma Ray / Pyro

Have you picked up anything from the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Holiday Collection yet? What are your favorites?

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tell me more!

Hi! I’m Christa and I’m a professional makeup artist. I'm passionate about helping women embrace, and enhance, their natural beauty. I believe makeup should not be a mask we hide behind. It’s a fun and empowering tool to accentuate our true beauty.



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