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By Christa | Style

Dec 21

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Today’s post is a little different but I just had to share with you my absolute favourite accessory/handbag purchase of the year when I noticed it had gone on sale. The mad love I developed for this took me by surprise. I had no idea just how much I would love it, and come to rely on it. It has totally changed up how I wear handbags. I have always stuck to purses that were more on the small side. I didn’t like having to haul around big satchels and totes, and what I considered big was actually considered average to small by many. Yet with my affinity for smaller bags I was always struggling to squeeze in everything that I needed. A few months ago I decided it was time I stopped indulging in beautiful handbags and focused on finding the right wallet. I had tried wristlets hoping I could just run into stores with my phone stashed in there but I found I was filling the phone area in my wristlet with receipts and cash and other wallet “stuff”. There just wasn’t enough room in the wristlets to hold everything I needed my wallet to hold, let alone with anything else. Most of them seemed designed to hold your phone and some cards and that’s about it. Most don’t even have a change compartment.

So what did I order a few months ago that changed it all around? It’s the Tory Burch Harper Flat Wallet Cross Body Bag and I can not live without it! It also happens to be on sale right now for 30% off. This bag is a little bigger than a traditional wallet. The 8″ length is actually shorter than the average 10″ wallet length but it happens to be 5.25″ tall making it taller than usual. This makes it look more flattering as a cross body (or shoulder bag as I never seem to wear it cross body). It is quite slim at 1.5 inches yet you can organize so much into this bag!

There is a dedicated zippered wallet section complete with zippered coin area, 8 card slots (that are nice and roomy to double, or even triple up cards. I hate tight card slots!), two open areas on either side of the coin zip, and a slip pocket behind the cards. I love that I can actually fit all of the cards I need in here and not have to have a “second wallet” or card wallet for less frequently used stuff and regret not having it with me when I need it. There is a lot of room in here. My only complaint is due to the height of the wallet the coin purse is quite deep so you really have to dig in there for change.

Then behind the wallet section is relatively roomy section that I can slip a lipstick into, my keys (without any crazy large keychains, and a pack of gum. It really does hold all the basics I need, without being too basic, so I’ve been using it a ton since getting it. Now I can carry around a larger handbag that really does have everything I want inside. I put this in as my wallet and then when I run into stores etc. I just bring in my light little Flat Wallet Cross Body. The straps are removable so if I know I’m not going to be taking it out of my main handbag for a while I can just clip them off. They clip on and off really easily.

There is also a slip pocket on the back of the wallet that my phone fits into perfectly so that it’s always within easy reach and I don’t even have to open the wallet!

OK enough about how practical this wallet/bag is. It also happens to be absolutely gorgeous. It has rich, soft leather and beautiful gold hardware. The front button closure on the fold over flap is magnetized to assist in closing. I love how they’ve done the Tory Burch Logo on the Harper series with the almost 3D effect leather cutout. I love it so much I also picked up the Tory Burch Harper Small Satchel in Dark Merlot which is stunning. Such a gorgeous colour of leather. The wallet is actually available in the Dark Merlot as well which has me seriously tempted.

Even though The Harper Small Satchel is referred to as a “small” bag I would have considered it too large in the past. Now it’s perfect paired with the convenience of my Flat Wallet Cross Body! I am actually tempted now to pick up the larger Tory Burch Harper Tote because I can’t get enough of the beautiful leather and details of the Tory Burch Harper Collection and I think I can handle a bigger tote bag now with the versatility of having the option of just grabbing my cross body wallet out of it.

Hard to see with the shadows but my Harper Flat Wallet Crossbody is nestled in the front section, strap and all.

I’ve been loving using my Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Hobo more as well now for the same reason. This bag is so, so soft and squishy and fabulous. The tassels, braiding, and details on the handle just give this bag that little something special. Now I don’t mind carrying around this bigger hobo when I know I can pull out my TB cross body wallet when I want something smaller.

And while we’re on the subject of Rebecca Minkoff Isobel, the white Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Saddle Bag that I got last summer is on amazing sale right now too! I never stopped loving this bag all season and I can’t wait for summer to dig it out again. I always get so many compliments when I carry this bag. The braiding and tassel are to die for!

If the Tory Burch Harper Flat Wallet Cross Body isn’t your style here are some other similarly styled cross body wallets/wallets on a chain that I think would do the job just as well. I can’t speak to whether they will hold a lipstick etc. but they function in a similar fashion.

Jerome Dreyfuss Jack Cross Body Wallet 

Kate Spade New York Stormie Cross Body Bag

Saint Laurent Large Kate Quilted Calfskin Leather Wallet on a Chain

Tory Burch Robinson Chain Wallet 

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jeweled Ava Phone Bag

Patricia Nash Bianco Crossbody Bag

Marc Jacobs Haze Cross Body Wallet 

I know it must seem crazy that I’m dedicating a whole post to raving about a wallet, but it has seriously made such an impact on the convenience of how I function in day to day life. If you haven’t tried this kind of bag, and even if you don’t think this is something that would suit you, I encourage you to give it a try because you might end up as surprised, and obsessed, as I am.

Have you made any life changing fashion purchase lately? My next mission is to change my life with an amazing new winter coat. Mind you I know I’m a little late to the party on this and will probably be out of luck. If you have any recommendations let me know!

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