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Oct 18

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I know what you’re thinking. She’s talking about dreams coming true and this is a review for a protein powder? WTF? Well believe me. Sometimes something that seems so simple can be THAT exciting.

I have a lot of requirements when it comes to nutritional supplements because I am unable to have wheat and dairy in my diet. I’m also not a big eater, and somewhat of a lazy cooker, so getting enough protein, greens, and other nutrients in my diet is difficult for me. I have been longing for a product that would give me everything I wanted and that dream has come true.

SuperHuman Strength Nourish really is a dream come true for me because it ticks off every box for every requirement I was looking for:

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free – gluten isn’t a problem for me but gluten free means wheat free so yay!
  • No added Sugar
  • Low Carb – only 6 grams
  • Some Healthy Fat – 4.5 grams
  • High Protein – 31 grams a serving. HOLY CRAP! That is the best I’ve seen in a vegan product!
  • Offers More than just Protein – Contains greens and fruit in the form or organic superfoods AND it includes an enzyme blend and probiotic.

That is EVERYTHING I’ve been looking for! Plus it tastes great and mixes smooth. I must admit I’ve never tried it by itself with just water. That’s not how I drink my shakes. I always mix it with almond milk (sometimes water or juice) with a variety of different fruits. I also add greens as well but the great thing about it including greens is that I don’t have to worry about adding them if I don’t have any on hand!

Nourish is formulated with a proprietary combination of pea protein isolate, rice protein, and a broad blend of organic greens and fruits. Since it’s so high in protein I don’t even have to have a full scoop/serving all the time. Half is plenty for me! I love that the inclusion of  a daily dose of organic greens and reds means I can use it as a healthy and balanced meal supplement which is exactly how I use my shakes.

I love this stuff so much! It really does feel good when you find a product that appears to have been created just for you. <3

If you are wondering about the brand SuperHuman Strength, they are a Canadian all-natural supplement company focused on protein and hydration. Their products are formulated and manufactured within Canada with natural and organic ingredients. Their product lines are NSF Sports Certified, non-GMO, Carrageenan, and gluten free!



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