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My Ste. Anne’s Spa Experience & Giveaway!


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Have you ever taken an Intentional Checkout? What’s an intentional checkout you ask? Well, an intentional checkout is when a woman invests in time to reconnect with herself, and ensure she is practicing self-care and actively pursuing a life of fulfillment and happiness. A solo getaway to really give her the much needed space and quiet to connect with the woman she is inside and cultivate a stronger awareness of what her hopes, goals, and desires are in life, and begin taking steps towards fulfilling them. I feel this is so important for all women. Women are often so concerned with meeting everyone else’s needs (particularly as mothers) that we begin to lose touch with who we really are. Whether she is a woman struggling with career choices and connecting with her path and purpose in life, or a mom, wife, or newly single woman needing to reconnect with who she really is at her core, an Intentional Checkout is something every woman deserves!

While we can encourage women to take time at home to practice self care by doing things like taking a bath, or reading a book with a glass of wine, it is actually very difficult for most women to truly relax, let go, and go within themselves while still at home surrounded with the work they feel they should be doing, or the dishes that really need washing, or the kids she feels she shouldn’t be ignoring. An escape to an environment where she can truly disconnect from her everyday responsibilities and focus on herself is essential.
I recently travelled to one of the most beautiful and pampering locations in Ontario, Ste. Anne’s Spa, to experience and intentional checkout of my own for two nights. I must say. It was three of the most glorious days of my life.
There is so much to love about Ste. Anne’s that I don’t even know where to begin. It is Canada’s largest destination spa and is located only 90 minutes from Toronto (and only 90 minutes from me from a totally different direction :D) in Grafton. This beautiful sanctuary is set in an ancient castle atop beautiful rolling hills. The views are spectacular. You truly feel like you have escaped to your own little paradise. You can visit for a day spa but I highly recommend making a mini vacation out of it and staying a night or two in their four diamond accommodations. They have 29 uniquely decorate guest rooms and spa cottages available.
I have stayed in one of the offsite spa cottages in the past with a friend which was a great experience. This time I stayed in one of the onsite guest rooms which I really loved. I could easily pop to and from my room to my spa treatments and meals. I stayed in the Canopy Room which is absolutely perfect for a solo getaway. Such a cute room with a beautiful canopy bed, breathtaking views, and unique rounded doorways. It even has a walk in closet!
Ste. Anne’s offers over 35 spa treatments and services and also a variety of wellness classes.
For spa treatments I pampered myself with the Contouring Mud Stone Wrap which I believe is the Cadillac of all spa treatments that Ste. Anne’s offers. The treatment starts with a full body massage using hot basalt stones. Then a full body mud masque featuring wintergreen, camphor, and red pepper is applied and you are cocooned in thermal linens. So relaxing! Sounds pretty amazing right? Well it gets even better, because as you are all wrapped up in your mud masque after your amazing massage, you receive a face, scalp, and foot massage. You really get a little bit of everything. It’s HEAVEN.
I also did the Chakra Awareness Treatment. I couldn’t resist discovering what this treatment was about because I have been learning more about my energy centres and thought it would be perfect to be guided by an experienced therapist to expand on my awareness and connection to them. The treatment includes a blend of different techniques, including relaxation massage, heat therapy, and the stimulation of specific energy points. I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and fell madly in love with the Solar Plexus Chakra oil blend used on me during the treatment. I purchased it the next day in the Boutique and I’ve already used half of the bottle! It contains Tulsi, Mountain, Junipe, Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Lemon oils. I LOVE vetiver so it’s no surprise I fell so in love with it. The Chakra Oil Blends are made by the gardeners at Ste. Anne’s with ingredients right from the Ste. Anne’s gardens! I will get into it more in another post, but the Ste. Anne’s gardens are absolutely incredible and ingredients harvested from them are included in Ste. Anne’s own skincare line as well as in the restaurant! I will be sharing my experience with their skincare line and my Ste. Anne’s Signature Facial in a future post.
Speaking of the restaurant, that’s the other great thing about being at Ste. Anne’s! Whether you are doing a day spa, or staying overnight, your dining is an included part of your experience. I am unable to eat dairy and wheat so dining out is usually quite a stressful and difficult thing for me. That’s not the case at Ste. Anne’s though! The healthy and nourishing food options feature local ingredients, including from their own gardens, and offer a huge variety of dairy free, gluten free, and vegan options. The fact that they have their very own Ste. Anne’s Gluten Free Bakery, that is also available to the public, means there are a variety of amazing food and dessert options for me to enjoy. You can even order online! The restaurant is also very accommodating in customizing almost every offering on the menu for special dietary needs as everything is prepared fresh. I wish I could eat here every day! During summer season you can also enjoy your meals and afternoon tea outside with the view.
There is a variety of Wellness Activities you can participate in during your stay. I enjoyed a Yoga class, Yoga Nidra Class, and Mediation Class. You can even go on a tour of their spectacular gardens but it happened to be raining the afternoon I was meant to go. Next time! If you aren’t blessed enough to live on a farm in the country as I do, you may want to check out their Morning Muck, Evening Turn In, or Grooming Time experiences with the Ste. Anne barn and animals. There are also beautiful walking trails, an intoxicating Eucalyptus Steam Room, and a Fieldstone Grotto with year round hot tub, cold plunge pool, and a current pool. During the summer you can also enjoy the Outdoor Spring Water Filled Pool shown above.
I really enjoyed the vast grounds. There was always a quite chair, lounger, or even rocking benches I could sneak off to, to enjoy reading my book or writing in my journal. Cellphones and electronics are not meant to be used outside of your room at Ste. Anne’s so it really is the perfect environment for nurturing some self reflection and development time. I had a lot of wonderful breakthroughs happen in planning my future coaching service offerings in my business.
I am incredibly excited to be offering an amazing giveaway to you. You can enter below to Win a Ste. Anne’s Day Spa for Two Experience valued at approximately $630 CAD. It includes:
  • $120 in spa allowance each
  • Two 3-course lunches each
  • Two afternoon teas each
  • Full use of the facilities

Ste. Anne’s Day Spa for Two Experience Giveaway

Good luck!

I think most women might feel guilty travelling alone. They would rather go away with their husband or some girlfriends. They may even be a little nervous at the thought of spending that much time with nothing but their own thoughts. But it is so valuable. So needed. Have you ever gone away alone? Would you like to?

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  1. Linda says:

    Loving travelling on my own & do quite often. Ste Annes is very lovely. Thank you for the chance.

  2. Carrie says:

    Travel on my own at least once a year…sometimes it’s nice to do everything at your own pace. Would love to check out Ste Anne’s!

  3. Carol says:

    Could really use a Spa holiday, been years since I’ve been on any holidays.

  4. Elisse says:

    I’ve never gone away alone but I want to and need to. I really do. I barely get away anyway and I know I need to because the stress is slowly killing me

  5. Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez says:

    What a lovely getaway solely meant to provide a beautiful and relaxing space to rest and rejuvenate! I’m a mother of two and haven’t had an opportunity to take care of myself like I used to. And I can’t recall when I last went on a vacation! Thank you for this extremely generous giveaway.

  6. robinmaclean says:

    It looks amazing there!

  7. Jolie says:

    I’ve never gone away by myself, but would love to one day.

  8. Pam Wood Humphrey says:

    I have never gone away by myself but I have been giving it a lot of thought lately, with my husband working so much.

  9. Karin Brown says:

    Wow looks amazing!

  10. Karen Jackson Bertucci says:

    This sounds amazing. It would be hard for me but I think I could do it!

  11. Lisa Lyerly says:

    First of all, let me say that this resort is phenomenal! How beautiful. You are very lucky to experience this. I haven’t gone away by myself ever. If you would have asked me previously in my life I definitely would have said no to going anywhere alone. But at this point in my life, I feel like I would benefit from it because I realize that even while on vacation there are so many stresses for me. I’m pretty sure that looking back I’ve never actually relaxed while away. So now, the answer is yes. I would love to go somewhere alone.

  12. kcrmb says:

    No I have never gone away by myself…and yes I would!

  13. Josie25 says:

    I have never gone off by myself but I would love to – and St Anne’s looks like the perfect place to do so!

  14. Rebecca Scott says:

    Looks beautiful!
    I’ve been wanting to have a little getaway here with my husband, but haven’t had the chance yet.

    I’ve never gone away by myself for any amount of time, but I think I would enjoy it as I like having time to myself to unwind and relax 🙂

  15. Amy Foster says:

    I have never gone away by myself amd Im not sure if I would want to! There’s something special about having someone to share the experience with and I love travelling with my husband. That being said, we are expecting our first baby in 2 months and I can imagine possibly wanting some quiet time away on my own in the next couple years!

  16. Kira K says:

    I have never gone away by myself but I would love to try!

  17. Tara B says:

    I have gone away for scrapbook retreats – so technically I wasn’t by myself but, I was with others. I would love to have this experience. Dying to try Ste. Anne’s

  18. Emma Langham says:

    I’ve always been too scared to go away by myself but I think I should try it!

  19. Eva H. says:

    I’ve been to this spa and would love to go back again! It is amazing.

  20. Melissa says:

    I have gone away by myself in the past and have loved it! Lots of time to relax, unwind and self-reflect.

  21. Stephanie C says:

    Ste. Anne’s is truly my favourite place on earth. It is so peaceful and heavenly. The food is phenomenal and the services are outstanding. I couldn’t agree more with your article. I tell people all the time that they haven’t lived until they have visited Ste Annes. I need to go back soon!

  22. B says:

    Never gone away on my own before but I might depending where.

  23. brenna christian says:

    I have not travelled alone but I would like to try it some time. I also would really like to go to St. Anne’s I have heard lots of great things about it.

  24. erin2470 says:

    I haven’t gone away by myself but I’m certainly open to it…I just like sharing the experience I’m on with someone else

  25. Lil Mah says:

    Wish I could be there!

  26. Jessy says:

    I’ve never traveled alone before, but am definitely open to it! I went to St. Anne’s earlier this year with my bridesmaids and had such a lovely time! Would love to take my fiance after our wedding in October. : )

  27. OpheliaC says:

    I’ve never traveled alone before, but I’d love to give it a try! From people who have done it, they tell me that it’s quite the different experience! A lot more about self-discovery and connecting with the world.

  28. Judi Phillips says:

    Now this would be one fab treat for me and my bestie

  29. Cindy Short says:

    Would love a trip away alone! I’d also love to check out St. Anne’s. It looks so beautiful and relaxing.

  30. Rosibal says:

    I would like to go to the spa and have a wonderful relaxing time with my fiance! thank you!

  31. Sarah MacFarlane says:

    I’ve been thinking about doing my first solo getaway – I think now is the time. 🙂

  32. Allegra Young says:

    I would so love a trip to Ste. Anne’s in the fall! I’ve done winter and summer but it would be amazing to experience the fall colours 🙂

  33. Cheryl H says:

    I have never been away alone and no I wouldnt go alone. Something like this would be amazing for my husband and I

  34. lisa says:

    I work at home alone all day so not sure Id enjoy spending an overnight alone, I enjoy the company of someone to chat to on my off hours so a day spa with a friend would be heavenly

  35. Linda says:

    Love Sta. Anne, way overdue for a visit.

  36. Corry Lehmann says:

    I was terrified when I went on a trip alone last year but my fears were completely unfounded and I had a wonderful time! Would do it again in a heartbeat!

  37. Booktrovert says:

    Ste. Anne’s is a fabulous Spa! – I have had the pleasure of visiting it once, and would LOVE to return! I have gone away alone, and find it very helpful and relaxing to do so every now and then. Thanks for this opportunity! ~ Jennifer D. 🙂

  38. Fan R says:

    I was away once but I think with friends getaway is much better!!!

  39. pi75 says:

    I never have gone away by myself. I’ve traveled for work, but I wouldn’t call that going away. In college I went on a trip with just my mom, and I would probably do that again as she needs to relax too!

  40. Steph says:

    Last Novemeber I did a 10 day Vipassana retreat. It was terrifying! However, I learned a lot. Alone time is so necessary!

  41. Elaina says:

    I travel alone all the time for work but never for vacation. Could be interesting! 🙂

  42. ChristineD says:

    I have been to Ste. Anne’s on my own and I really enjoyed it. I thought I would feel awkward having dinner at a table for 1 but, it was really nice. Ste. Anne’s is a place that makes you feel comfortable on your own.

  43. Linda French says:

    I have never been away by myself and I have never been to Ste. Anne’s Spa, I would love to win this but I would also love to bring a good friend of mine with me.

  44. Lara says:

    Not regularly, but have literally just been thinking about it before coming across this blog post and contest. Feel a bit like it’s a hint from the universe.

  45. Vanessa says:

    I went away alone once for a conference and had a bunch of spare time, but that’s been the only time so far. A spa seems like the perfect place to do so!

  46. Tara says:

    I have never gone away just myself but i think i would really enjoy it. Definitely recharging.

  47. John C says:

    I have never gone to vacation by myself, would love to try it for a day trip.

  48. Rhonda L says:

    I’ve gone away by myself a few times – more solo retreat-ish, never to a spa but I would definitely do that! Ive learned that as an introvert, sometimes I need to just be alone to recharge my batteries completely 🙂

  49. Andrea H says:

    True story: About a year ago when my life was unbelievable stressful my doctor told me she was ‘prescribing’ me a weekend alone at a spa to take care of myself. I didn’t *quite* do that then (but I did get away alone), but it was wonderful advice for anyone who needs it and I’ve never forgotten it.

  50. Monique Shuell says:

    I have never gone away by myself, and think I would prefer to have at least one person with me.

  51. Kate says:

    sounds like an inspiring journey to me…. i would love to do this and also share my story with others. thank you!

  52. Rebecca says:

    Never gone away by myself, but I would love to!

  53. Matt says:

    No I have not. Sure.

  54. LouLou says:

    I think about it all the time, I feel like it would be so refreshing!

  55. Katie McKay says:

    I’ve never gone away by myself and I’m not sure if I could, although I think spending that time alone is valuable and probably much needed!

  56. Jenna D says:

    I haven’t, but I sure do day dream about it from time to time, lol! Maybe one day!

  57. sgold says:

    I have never gone away by myself but I plan to do that in the coming months…

  58. Jenna Switzer says:

    I’ve never gone somewhere like this alone. I think it is a guilt thing. Like you said, women don’t usually take time for themselves; we need excuses like “girls day” or such. One thing I am missing as I get older is alone time. Like they say- with kids and pets, you don’t even get to pee alone. I never even truly lived alone. I can simply envision the peace and quiet now….. ahhhhh!

  59. rinmadden says:

    I’ve never gone away by myself for pleasure! I would love to, just for a break – especially now with a toddler at home!

  60. Alyssa says:

    Love time away by myself, especially at st.anne’s!

  61. Martha Schoo says:

    Traveling by myself is not something I enjoy. I would prefer to go with one of my daughters who have blossomed into lovely young women who are a delight to spend time with!

  62. LDC says:

    I have travelled by myself and I really quite enjoy it! Will definitely do so again.

  63. Nicole Jubleew says:

    I have traveled alone before and really enjoyed it.

  64. blessedta says:

    Yes, I have

  65. Virginia Lewis says:

    A true Canadian gem!

  66. Aarti says:

    I haven’t traveled by myself but it is something I want to do.

  67. Belinda Kelly says:

    I have heard from many that St Anne’s is one of the finest spas in the world.
    We are fortunate to have such a quality spa in Ontario.
    I haven’t traveled alone yet, but it is on my to do list to empower myself.

  68. Marie-Eve says:

    Last summer I went on a solo road trip to the Maritimes, staying with a series of friends along the way , and loved the peace and freedom. This year, the furthest I can get away is to my tub with a book.

  69. Debbie G says:

    I have gone on my own to St Anne’s but when it came to eating dinner all by myself, it was lonely. It seemed like most of us were sitting at our own table. Loved it there but next time I will invite someone to sit with me. Love the spa here!

  70. Roflo says:

    I crave alone time but sharing this experience with your fellow ‘sistas’ takes it to another level. Now I want to return with my true best friend, my husband of 3 years who can truly appreciate a great culinary experience. Love, love love Ste. Anne’s. Bucket list material

  71. Amanda says:

    I have traveled by myself and would definitely do it again!

  72. Patty Rogers George says:

    I travel for business and enjoy time alone,,

  73. Michelle Kinsella says:

    Would love to visit, looks beautiful

  74. Melanie Stephens says:

    I have gone away for professional conferences and as an introvert, I really enjoy having the space to just “be”.

  75. Tamara Jong says:

    I’ve actually travelled several times by myself – anything from a few day jaunt to a four month experience in Europe. Initially I was intimidated by the thought of travelling solo. But, having become somewhat of a ‘pro’, I find it liberating and enjoy being able to experience a new place at my own pace.

  76. Sandy Avvari says:

    I have traveled by myself but only for short periods of time (2 days or so) but even then I ended up meeting with people I knew already etc. I would love to try literal solo travel for at least a week, where I dictate all hours of the day!

  77. ADL says:

    I have been away for business but I did not enjoy it at all, being alone that is. I would much rather have been able to have my husband with me. When not on scheduled events I spent the time in my hotel room, not my idea of fun at all. Having an amazing husband who does whatever needs to be done makes it that I don’t need to be alone to be the real me.

  78. Betty Spry says:

    I have never gone away alone, I did travel once alone but met people at the destination and we stayed in the same hotel. Not sure I would be comfortable.

  79. Amy Kidman says:

    I have never travelled alone. I prefer to travel with family and/or friends.

  80. R Lister says:

    I know for a fact that for my wife a solo trip would be a much more stressful an event than the vacation you mentioned it was for you. In fact I can almost guarantee she would not even go in the first place but if forced to for some reason would want to cut it short & come home. On the other hand a romantic getaway for the two of us would make her more than ecstatic! While I understand that for some it may be wonderful but not so for her. St. Anne’s Spa is a place she has mentioned wanting us to go to, but so far it has not worked in our schedules.

  81. Evy Eisenberg says:

    Yes i’ve gone away alone

  82. Tracey11 says:

    I have taken and enjoyed a couple mini solo vacations but I do love to share most vacation experiences with close friends.

  83. ek03yr says:

    Yes, I’ve gone away by myself but now prefer with my friends or partner!

  84. Amanda says:

    I haven’t gone away by myself but I would love to!

  85. Francine F. says:

    I have gone away by myself, and would do it again!

  86. KellyPC says:

    Nope, I don’t think I would enjoy going somewhere without my husband, a friend or family. I’m not exactly the most social person!

  87. Maggi says:

    I have gone to Thailand alone, but when I was much younger. I love the idea of going somewhere by myself, just for myself. What a treat!

  88. bwan7 says:

    I would absolutely love to travel by myself and self reflect. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  89. Sean Pynaert says:

    I’ve went to conferences by myself quite often but never on a spa retreat by myself.

  90. Paula says:

    Would love a mom and daughter day

  91. heather grenon says:

    An amazing concept. Intentional checkout is something I definitely need for myself. Even just for a day.

  92. Shelley N says:

    I have never gone away by myself mainly due to a lack of finances. I would love to get some me time. This would be fun since I could spend the day there with one of my girl friends.

  93. Chantal Wiggins-Mckinnon says:

    Such a great place!

  94. Robyn B. says:

    I have never gone away by myself, but I would love to.

  95. israel y says:

    never gone away by myself yet but it sounds like a good idea once in a while

  96. TW says:

    I love going away by myself sometimes. Travelling with family is fun but sometimes you just need to get away and have some time to yourself.

  97. Monika says:

    Going to StAnn with my daughter is always very special to me . A wonderful place to be ,just her and me!

  98. Kim says:

    I travel for work often and love having time away on my own.

  99. Kim says:

    I travel for work quite a bit and really love the time I get to be away on my own exploring a new place!

  100. Amanda Ellis says:

    I would love to get away from the every day! I have been to spas on my own before and absolutely love it on my own and with others. Ste. Anne’s has been on my “I really want to go there” list for so many years… I was even saving up my air miles to be able to get a spa day (and if you know air miles you definitely know how long it takes to get enough points to do anything!) When I finally did get enough points for a spa day for 2 though, I gave it to my parents as a gift, since they deserve to relax and enjoy a beautiful day at one of the best spas in Canada. I can’t wait to hear from them how it is when they go at the end of September!

  101. Jesse says:

    I go every year with co-workers and by far the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience around. They also allow you to bring your own wine to be served with Lunch/Dinner which is a special addition to any meal

  102. Tanya Calvert says:

    My friend and I have been looking at this website for a while now, hoping we could visit. We both have dietary issues and few places offer a safe place to eat for us.

  103. I LOVE Ste. Anne’s … it’s such a special place, either by yourself or with someone special!

  104. Laura Hedges says:

    I love St Annes. I would love to win 🙂

  105. Sherri13 says:

    Yes, I’ve travelled by myself several times.

  106. paula says:

    No, I’ve not gone away alone, I’d rather go with a girlfriend!

  107. margaretimecs says:

    I have not gone away by myself but I would give it a try, that would be a new beginning for me.

  108. Cathy Brown says:

    No I haven’t and I would feel safer with someone else.

  109. Charlene Chen says:

    I have traveled by myself to Portland and Seattle when I was in my 20s. I had a lot of fun just exploring the city and eating whatever I wanted.

  110. LisaM says:

    I actually went on a big trip on my own for the first time about 10-12 years ago thanks to the urging of my husband. It was lovely and though I was nervous to start I ended up loving it.

  111. Sandra Tang says:

    Would love to be pampered with my mom!

  112. Shannon Bridge says:

    I haven’t, but my 4 yr old is off to school next week and my 18 month old is finally warming up to others. Time for some me time!!

  113. ThoughtstoShare says:

    I have travelled extensively independently, and it would be delightful to visit the gorgeous Ste. Anne’s spa by myself. However, I’d prefer to share the delights of all of the spa services, amenities, gorgeous grounds, rooms, delicious cuisine etc. with a loved one.

  114. Denise Ethier says:

    Travel on “The Canadian” via train travel across Canada. you can travel alone but meet the most fantastic people.

  115. patsy says:

    Yes,sometimes you just need a break :). Thanks!

  116. April Patch says:

    Not away away but out for a day by myself or with girlfriends yes! I would love to take an intentional checkout!

  117. Tamara Geetha says:

    Yes it is nice to just be with nature.

  118. Kris_W says:

    Yes I’ve travelled by myself but Ste. Anne’s is best experienced with a friend or family member.

  119. Lisa_L says:

    no, rather go with someone

  120. Avonlea Alison says:

    Yes! I have gone away by myself- and interestingly it was to Ste. Annes- I decided that for my 36th birthday that I would treat myself to a day at the spa and it was an experience like no other. It was such a treat to spend the day being pampered, deciding what I wanted to do (rather than acquiescing to others), enjoying some quiet contemplative time and escaping the hustle and bustle of regular life! I would highly recommend it!

  121. Jennine says:

    I have never gone away on my own but would love to! I’ve become a new mom within the last year and definitely feel that self-care is important, now more than ever 🙂

  122. Hikari_lights says:

    I would love to be able to go with my mom for a mother daughter bonding time =)

  123. Diane Galambos says:

    An eloquent, enticing and thorough description of the wonder of a stay at Ste Annes. I too have stayed there by myself. If you take your troubles with you they somehow melt away! Thx for the share!

  124. Angela Patterson says:

    I’m coming into my own awakening and dream of time away alone! I have done little things near home by myself and it’s so refreshing not to have to worry about anyone else!! I’m really excited to read about your chakra experience – I didn’t realize they offered such a treatment. I’ve been working on my own chakra’s and the work is amazing, I have grown so much from it! I’m a potter and make chakra bowls, love them in my meditation space! I would LOVE to win this. Thank you for this opportunity!! <3
    Angela Patterson

  125. Nicoleroannef says:

    I visited montreal alone. I didn’t mind traveling solo but prefer good company.

  126. Trudy Dougall says:

    40 yrs ago I went to Barbados by myself!! It was a great beach break. Now a days I wouldn’t travel by myself though.

  127. Jessica G says:

    I’ve never been away overnight by myself but I would within Ontario no problem 🙂 just so expensive to travel on your own.

  128. C L. Chin says:

    i have travelled alone. it wanted to get away because it was having a bit of a riff with my boyfriend so i thought a 3-4 day cruise would do me some good. i really had a good time and thought it was a good time to find out who i am and clear my mind too!

  129. lyn21 says:

    I have only travelled on my own for work. I think I would go on a vacation alone. It’s nice to have your own time.

  130. Julie Barrett (Reviewz by Jewe says:

    I’ve never gone away on vacation by myself or to the spa. I’ve gone for massages alone if that counts. Haha I think it’s a great thing to do though and it would be so relaxing. I’d love to do it! And I’ve always wanted to go to St Anne’s Spa so my fingers are really crossed for this giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  131. Ruslana Krantman says:

    I have only gone away on my own once, to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. It was an amazing and introspective experience, which I would definitely repeat regardless of how local or far the destination.

  132. Linda P. says:

    Ste. Anne’s, looks & sounds like a little piece of Heaven on Earth! I’d love to visit with one of my daughters for a retreat to relax both of our weary bodies.

  133. catgirl33 says:

    I haven’t for a holiday but I certainly do all the time for work. I could use a getaway to unwind. Thanks for the chance!

  134. Lone Wolf says:

    YES! I LOVE travelling alone! Although now that I’m married, I also enjoy traveling with my husband! Travelling alone, I tend to interact with many more warm, kind and interesting strangers! They are a wonderful resource – better than guide books! And it’s special to connect with people that have the same interests in a different culture – a true learning experience. Some of these people have become long-distance friends!

  135. jungleprincess says:

    I would but I do prefer to share it with someone,my fav travel partner is now my 9 year old son,he makes everything fun.

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