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By Christa | Hair

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Sep 28


Shoppers Drug Mart has an amazing event going on in stores right now. They have released their Top Picks List which features a variety of Top Sellers, Hidden Gems, and New Finds that you can discover and earn bonus Optimum Points with purchase. My motto has always been, if there is something I need to pick up, pick it up at Shoppers Drug Mart and get Optimum Points!

Shoppers Drug Mart is one of my favorite beauty shopping destinations as it carries an amazing variety of beauty and personal care brands ranging from drugstore to high end, and even luxury in some locations. Not to mention it’s of course a drug store and even offers an extensive grocery selection. It’s a one stop shop for so many essentials, and I love knowing I’m accumulating points that can actually be used down the road, like cash, to purchase whatever I want. Unlike the rewards systems in place at other beauty retailers that just earn you things like deluxe samples. While I could redeem my points towards holiday shopping etc., I choose instead to treat myself when redeeming my Optimum Points, to splurge on some extra special beauty items of my choosing.

Shoppers Drug Mart really nailed it with this Top Picks List. Not only is this list a great resource for discovering quality products, you can also earn Bonus Optimum Points on your purchase until October 7th 2016. You can tell these weren’t just randomly selected items as some products that were already favorites of mine, and in use in my home, are featured on the list. One of the real standouts for me is the Garnier Whole BlendsHoney Treasures Shampoo from their Hidden Gems list. The bottles in my shower are running low so I jumped at the chance to pick up more with 2000 Bonus Optimum Points on the purchase of 3 Whole Blends products. I first reviewed the line back in February and I am obsessed with the intoxicating scent. I also use this with my daughter and I find myself enjoying the scent on her sweet little head for days after we wash her hair.

On their Top Sellers list is another product that has had permanent residence in my shower, since it’s release in the beginning of 2015. The Gilette Venus Swirl Razor takes shaving to a whole new level. The Flexiball really allows the razor to hug your contours, while the 5 individually adjusting blades ensure an incredibly close shave. Plus, I think the purple design is absolutely beautiful! You can get 1500 Bonus Optimum Points with purchase.

While my last two choices were refills of products I’ve already been using and loving, my next purchase, from the New Finds list, is a new find for me as well. The Crest ProHealth HD Toothpaste System is a two step teeth whitening system. It features a Step 1 product to strip away plaque, and a Step 2 to polish and whiten. I’m really looking forward to trying this out. You earn 1500 Bonus Optimum Points with purchase.

You can research the Top Picks List before your shopping adventure or you can discover them in store with their signage indicating the Optimum Bonus Points you can earn. Also, at least the day I was shopping, all of the Top Picks items were on sale! You can’t beat saving money and earning bonus points at the same time!

I also was lucky enough to be able to stop into their special instillation at the Yorkdale Mall the other weekend and play the Vanity Memory Game, featuring Top Picks List items, for a chance to win $5,000 in Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Cards that can be used towards creating your dream vanity. I had 15 seconds to try and memorize the Top Picks items in the vanity and remember as many from each category as I could for entries into the contest.

I encourage you to visit your local Shoppers Drug Mart by October 7th, 2016 to revamp your beauty routine for Fall with the great offers on these #SDMTopPicks!

This blog post was sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart Top Picks but the opinions are all my own.



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