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By Christa | Style

Nov 22

I love shopping at Shopbop because they have such an incredible selection of products and they offer free shipping to Canada with a variety of options available in regards to handling things like duties and taxes, and returns. Whether you are looking for the Latest Fashion Finds or Gifts for the Home they have you covered. And of course my favorite time to shop is during their amazing sales! Starting today is their Buy More, Save More sale for Black Friday week. With all the items they’ve recently moved to the sale section, combined with up to 25% off with code GOBIG16, you can save up to 55% off your purchase!

The Sale runs from today until 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, November 29th. Please see here for full sale details and exclusions.

Here are my picks. Some are things I have, love, and recommend. Others are things I am ordering. And a few are things I just wish I could have!

  • Marc Jacobs Safety Pin Layered Chain Stud Earrings ($85 US) These earrings are just everything! <3
  • See by Chloe Large Paige Bag ($540 US) I am in love with the bag. Now if only I could decide on a colour!
  • Sincerely Jules Lips & Lashes Tee ($49 US) I actually ordered this shirt from Shopbop almost a year ago and I just noticed it appear back in stock last week. I always get so many compliments when I wear this out.
  • Splendid Rochelle Booties ($178 US) These booties come in a variety of leather and suede colours and I love the style of this bootie and the stacked heel.
  • Tickle & Kiss Glass Set ($25 US) I LOVE these glasses! They make a great gift or just a lovely splurge for yourself…as I’ll be doing. They’ll make the perfect whisky glasses for me and the hubs.
  • Rebecca Minkoff Side Zip Mini Regan Tote ($225 US) I have been wanting a red bag and the soft leather and zip out sides on this small bag make a little bit of space go a long way.
  • SunnyLife Large Rainbow Neon Light ($60 US) I don’t know about you, but I feel like having this cheerful rainbow neon light would really brighten my day. I think younger girls will love it as well!
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors Arabella Kitten Pumps ($125 US) I’m not sure why these are called kitten pumps, as these are not remotely a kitten heel shoe, but these black pumps have blingy studded heels that are right up my alley.
  • Tory Burch Harper Small Satchel ($395 US) This is the item I’m most excited about purchasing from the sale. I had been eyeing the Harper Tote for a while but I knew realistically it was too big for me, and that I should hold off. When I saw this smaller beauty arrive in stock last week in the same stunning merlot shade I knew it was meant to be.
  • Tory Burch Harper Flat Wallet Cross Body Bag ($295 US) I still can’t believe I spent this much on a wallet (mind you I got it during the last sale) but I have not stop using it and I have no regrets. It is small enough to still function as a wallet, yet large enough to hold my phone, lipstick, gum etc. when I want to carry just the bare essentials.
  • SunnyLife Donut Candle ($21 US) Everyone needs a cinnamon biscuit scented donut candle in their life. Right?
  • Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Hobo Bag ($295 US) I usually prefer smaller bags, and many of you will laugh at me and say this bag isn’t that big, but for me getting this hobo was a difficult decision. I wanted a “big” bag that didn’t feel big to carry. This bag has the most luscious, soft leather and it hangs beautifully and hugs the body. I am so happy I got it a couple months ago. It’s been working out so well for me. I love being about to toss my Tory Burch Harper Flat Wallet Cross Body Bag inside as my wallet and then I have the option of only carrying my wallet into a store etc. if I want but I have enough room in my Isobel Hobo to bring a bunch of other stuff along.

Shop the post:

Will you be picking up anything from the sale?


My order is placed. And yes, I move fast. LOL I’ve had things sell out on me too many times while I’ve been dillydallying around during a sale trying to make up my mind. Here’s what I got. I ended up with a couple surprises. 😉

I got the Tory Burch Small Harper Satchel in Deep Merlot. That was a no brainer since that is what I was desperate not to miss out on. The next item I got was the MICHAEL Michael Kors Cheyenne Quilt Backpack. Somehow I had missed this before in all my searching around, (I stalk the site everyday for new arrivals), but today I saw it and was instantly in love. I have been wanting a backpack style purse for a while now. I have VERY small shoulders so I have a hard time keeping a purse up there and a backpack will be so handy for when I’m shopping etc. and want my hands free. And a relief on my sore shoulders and neck. The black quilted leather and chain details were just screaming my name! I hadn’t really planned on going over my limit by getting two bags but that put me close to the $800 threshold so I added on this gorgeous tray to bump me over into the 25% discount and it ended up being cheaper. I am so good(bad) at doing that. Haha depends on how you think about calculated shopping. 😉

OK now I’m dying to hear what you ordered. Spill!



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