One of My Fave Lip Products! DIOR Lip Glow New Shades

By Christa | Makeup

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Jan 23

I don’t have a lot of “favorite” products but the Dior Lip Glow is absolutely, without a doubt, one of my favorite beauty products. The funny thing is, I’m not even a tinted lip balm kinda girl. It’s just not my thing. But THESE tinted balms are something special. They truly are exceptional.

The Dior Lip Glow ($41 CAD) offers the benefits of a lip balm. And I am picky with my lip balms! The Lip Glow formula is enriched with mango butter and cranberry oil and I find it truly does hydrate my lips and the product lasts on my lips. I often find that lip balms disappear almost the instant I apply them but I find I have hours of comfort and hydration with the Lip Glows. They also have a blurring effect that helps add to the look of health to my lips, softening lines.

As far as colour the Lip Glows features a PH adjusting Color Reviver technology that is incredibly flattering and also gives lips a bit of a stain. The Lip Glow formula offers a gorgeous shine that is really lovely and not too shiny if that makes sense. Dior has just extended the Lip Glow range to an impressive 10 shades which has also brought two new finishes. A Matte Glow soft velvet matte finish in Matte Pink and Matte Raspberry as well as the New Holo Glow which has a lovely subtle iridescent shimmer, available in Holo Purple and Holo Pink.

Dior Lip Glow Swatches

007 Raspberry / 008 Ultra-Pink / 009 Holo Purple / 010 Holo Pink / 102 Matte Raspberry

007 Raspberry / 008 Ultra-Pink / 009 Holo Purple / 010 Holo Pink / 102 Matte Raspberry

I know it’s hard to appreciate the color difference in photos, which is why I didn’t bother posting my lip swatches, but there are definitely differences on the lips! Even with all these options I still need to run out and get a replacement for my beloved Coral. I had expected the Holo Purple to have the more prominent iridescent shimmer but to my surprise the more peachy toned Holo Pink actually had the stronger iridescence.

Are you a Dior Lip Glow fan? I have literally hundreds of lipsticks and never finish a lip product but I actually finished two Dior Lip Glows (Lilac and Coral) within a month of each other at the end of the summer and was actually heartbroken. I keep one of these everywhere. My handbag, my beauty room, my desk, you name it! If you haven’t tried them yet I highly recommend the splurge!



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