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Aug 29

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My daughter and I have been dedicated to her Tangle Teezer Compact Styler ($25 CAD) for ages now. I honestly don’t know what we’d do without it. We’ve tried many a knockoff and none perform as effectively. I didn’t even realize that the brush we have been using was not the “Original” Tangle Teezer but a more travel (and backpack friendly!) version. We’ve recently added the The Original Tangle Teezer ($20 CAD) to her routine and it performs (of course) as amazingly as the Compact version, but with a larger, easy to grip design. Chloe loved the limited edition Lemon Sherbet design with it’s yellow handle and pink bristles. If you are looking for the Compact Styler they have some amazing new limited edition versions like Love Pug (yes adorable pug puppies!) and the Lulu Guinness Vertical Lipstick Print. There is surely a design for everyone to fall in love with.

I’ve always been against brushing wet hair, as I know it can cause breakage. With my daughter’s fine, yet abundant, hair she needs her wet hair brushed through or it can be almost impossible to deal with later. Now with the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash ($22 CAD) hairbrush I can detangle her hair while it’s still wet, without worrying about damage or causing her discomfort. She loves this brush and I don’t even have to worry about dealing with her hair now as she wants to take care of it herself. She even brings it to the cottage for after swimming.

The Aqua Splash detangler features patented teeth which are flexible and flick and glide their way through knots and tangles with ease. The special non slip design allows you to hold on to it securely even in the bath and shower meaning you can use it for working conditioner evenly through your hair as well.

Are you a Tangle Teezer fan?

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