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Mega Beauty Blog Hop Giveaway! Too Faced Giveaway + Chance to Win $350 PayPal Cash!


I am so excited to be participating in this Mega Beauty Blog Hop Giveaway with 34 other amazing beauty bloggers. Each blog is hosting their own giveaway. If you enter the giveaway on all 35 blogs you are entered into the Grand Prize Giveaway for a chance to win $350 USD of PayPal Cash!

I’m giving away this lovely duo from Too Faced. Perfect for glowing skin and a deep vampy fall lip. The prize includes the Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo in Rosy Glow and the Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chocolate Cherries.

If you are unfamiliar what a blog hop is, it’s pretty simple. Each lady in the hop is giving away something beauty related. All of the prizes are from cruelty-free brands. You can click through from one blog to another, entering the giveaways as you go. I recommend that you keep track of your entries by paying attention to the numbered list. You do not need to enter all in a single sitting. Come back and complete all entries by October 31st.

You can enter 1, 10, 20 etc. or all of the individual giveaways that are linked below. If you enter all 35 of these individual giveaways, then you’ll be eligible to enter to win the grand prize of $350 Paypal Cash. Think of the things you could buy with that!

The Grand Prize entry form is on every one of the participating blogs, so you only need to enter once at the blog that you end on. All entries will be verified once the giveaway is over, so please give us a few days to announce the winners. Make sure you follow ALL the rules of each giveaway so you won’t be disqualified! This blog hop giveaway will run for 2 weeks, ending on October 31st at 11:59pm EST and is open to all.

In the event that you get an ERROR message when clicking on any of the links below, try clicking on the HOME page of that blog. Or come back later and try again. There are often hiccups that happen in the beginning of a pre-scheduled blog hop such as this. Thank you for your patience!

Ready to start hopping? Well, first things first — you’ve gotta enter my giveaway!

Too Faced Melted Chocolate and Candlelight Glow Giveaway

  1. Makeup Obsessed Mom
  2. Notes from My Dressing Table
  3. Thefabzilla
  4. The Feminine Files
  5. Beauty and Fashion Tech
  6. Portrait of Mai
  7. Realizing Beauty
  8. Style, Decor & More
  9. NorahLovesMakeup
  10. I Like to Talk A Lot
  11. My Beauty Bunny
  12. Beauty Info Zone
  13. Collective Beauty
  14. Geniabeme
  15. Phyrra
  16. The Plastic Diaries
  17. Ahleessa 4 Realz
  18. HashtagFabLife
  19. My Highest Self
  20. Polarbelle
  21. Just Tiki
  22. Brighter, Darling
  23. Haus of Hounds
  24. XO, Noelle
  25. Kate Loves Makeup
  26. ColorSutraa
  27. The Daily Nail
  28. Glam and Uncensored
  29. Keely’s Nails
  30. From My Vanity
  31. Beaumiroir
  32. We Heart This
  33. Prime Beauty
  34. Chick Lit Plus
  35. PolishGalore

And now for the GRAND PRIZE entry!! Do not enter until you have completed ALL 35 beauty blogger giveaways. All entries will be verified. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’re in Canada be sure to enter my Ste. Anne’s Skin Nourishment Skincare Giveaway as well!

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    I love Too Faced products. Thanks so much! The Melted Chocolate & Candlelight Glow is on my Christmas list.

  13. Marisol Jara says:

    The colors are perfect for the season! Love it!

  14. pinksuzanne says:

    I really like Too Faced products and the Candlelight Glow is beautiful.

  15. Karissa Lutz says:

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  16. Amanda Voss says:

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  20. christina says:

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    I am so excited at the possibility of winning some prizes to share with my girls! Everything is so lovely! I have been checking out the Too faced chocolate cherries since I first saw it!

  22. VAISHALI JAIN says:

    Great giveaway ! Bcoz of this, I get to know other amazing bloggers

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    What a gorgeous highlighter, and what a fun giveaway! Good luck everyone!!

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    I have been lusting after the Too Faced highlighter for awhile.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  39. Heather ツ says:

    I’ve always wanted Candlelight Glow!

  40. aimee boes says:

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  51. Pamela Irene James says:

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  52. Meesh says:

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    I can only imagine the amount of work it took to get this massive blog hop giveaway together. Thanks! My daughter would LOVE that highlighting powder while I have my eye on the lippie. (though my daughter would probably love it too!)

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  156. msrodeobrat says:

    Too Faced has the absolute best makeup products! They are my favorite
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  157. Christine says:

    This is pretty awesome!

    I’m having issues entering with my email on this contest… I’m not sure why, but it’s on my end.

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  210. Viridiana García says:

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  266. wired says:

    this is pretty exciting!! fingers crossed!

  267. Gabrielle Cvetkova says:

    I commented on the not so glamorous essentials and I love this giveaway so I hope I win. Thank you!

  268. Erika926 says:

    Both of these products are on my holiday wish list. Love that they are cruelty-free makeup brands.

  269. Amanda Stovall says:

    I’m so thankful to have found all of these lovely blogs!

  270. Love this beauty blog hop! 🙂

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