How to Store Your Essential Oils

By Christa | Life

Oct 17

I don’t know about you, but when I first started adding Essential Oils into my life I didn’t have a plan. I would just purchase individual essential oils and blends that I was drawn to. Mostly I used them in an Essential Oil Diffuser. Some I used topically. But the more I bought the more of a mess I created. I had a cute little straw reusable shopping bag that I just kept adding the bottles into. The more I bought, the more rummaging around I had to do to find what I was looking for. Before long the bag was overflowing and my patience with my “storage system” had long since run out. I ended up putting all of my essential oils into cardboard box but I was still annoyed. I’d become so fond of my essential oils and I wanted to enjoy my experience with them more than I was.

That is when I discovered the Simply Earth Wooden Essential Oils Box ($19.99 USD). I knew immediately I had to have it!

This beautifully crafted wooden box holds, organizes, and protects 36 essential oil bottles. All of your bottles are stored in an upright position to avoid leakage and separated from one another to prevent breakage.

What makes me the most excited about this method of storing essential oils is that I can easily find whatever oil I am looking for at a quick glance. The Simply Earth Wooden Essential Oil Box comes with circular labels for labeling the caps of your essential oils so you can see which oil is which from above. There are multiple single essential oil labels for each kind of individual oil and there are also several blank labels for labeling your blends and other oils. I am so incredibly happy with this system!

Now in case you haven’t heard me rave about Simply Earth before I want to tell you about their Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box ($39 USD). Each months box is a $150 value for only $39! You receive four full size essential oils along with fun extras and recipe cards for creating your own blends, roll-ons, skincare, scrubs, soaks, candles etc., as well as stickers to use as labels for your creations. All of this including free shipping! You can find out more about this incredible service in my original Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Post here. And that’s not all! With your first box you get a free Bonus Box which includes everything you need to make and store all your essential oil creations! You can see what I received in my free bonus box here:

Use code REALIZINGBEAUTYFREE to get your Free Bonus Box AND a $20 Gift Card!

There’s still time to order an October 2018 Essential Oil Recipe box!

This months box includes:

4 Essential Oils:

  • Citrus Burst Blend,
  • Energy Blend,
  • Rosemary
  • Cinnamon

Along with these extras:

  • Candle wax
  • Candle wicks
  • Sachet
  • Spider

I can’t wait to get started making a Halloween candle!

If you have been wanting to get more creative with Essential Oils I can’t recommend Simply Earth enough! Such an incredible value!



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