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By Christa | Makeup

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Jul 05

I have been using a bunch of products from CND that have my nails looking longer, and better than ever. Not only do my natural nails look great but I’ve also been doing manicures at home that are lasting much longer than normal for me and only take a few minutes out of my day to complete.

First up let’s take a look at the CND Rescue Kit I’ve been using. I have been using this fairly sporadically since I’ve been spending a lot of time at the cottage lately and I’m still seeing great results.

One way to ensure a long lasting manicure is the make sure your nails are cleaned and dehydrated prior to applying polish. Any natural oils or moisturizers/oils in your soap or polish remover can prevent nail polish from adhering properly to the nail. I usually just use straight alcohol but the CND ScrubFresh is a blend of alcohol, acetone, and butyl acetate to do the job a little more effectively to reduce lifting and extend your mani.

I have a problem with my cuticles getting really grown over and the CND Cuticle Eraser has been doing an amazing job of keeping them in check. Now after properly minimizing them and pushing them back I can use this creamy blend of alpha-hydroxy acids daily to micro-exfoliate and moisturize my cuticles keeping them looking amazing and free of hang nails. Plus when I’m using this regularly I don’t have to worry about keeping them pushed back as often.

Ahhh CND SolarOil. How I love thee. It has actually been years since I used this award winning cuticle oil infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E and I’d forgotten just how much I adore it. Regular use drives nutrients in deeper, creating stronger, healthier nails and hydrated cuticle area. Oh and it happens to smell absolutely

The new CND RescueRXx treatment repairs damaged nails with the power of Keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil. With daily use it should dramatically reduce peeling and white spots. I haven’t been using this regularly yet, but I can’t wait to start remembering to use this daily to see a reduction in the peeling and splitting of my nails. Already they are seeming stronger and are longer than they have been in ages.

So how am I showing off my pretty new nails? With the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish system. There are 114 shades of beautiful Vinylux Weekly Polish to choose from. They offer up to 7 days of chip resistant wear and have a super fast application. Only 2 steps! You can skip the base coat and go right into 2 thin coats of colour and then follow up with the CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat. I love this top coat and I’ve been using it even when I’m not using CND brand polish. It dries super fast and gives an amazing shiny finish. I don’t get a full week out of the system. I just don’t think that is possibly for me. But my usual day or two until massive chipping begins is extended to an impressive four or five.

The seven shades I have been playing with are:

CND Weekly Polish Skin Tease | Pink Pursuit | Demure | Lavender Lace | Honey Darlin’ | Desert Poppy | Aqua-Intance | Date Night
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Skin Tease
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Pink Pursuit
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Be Demure
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Lavender Lace
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Honey Darlin’
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Desert Poppy
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Aqua-Intance
CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Date Night

I am loving these polishes. I mean just look at these shades! The formula is really nice to work with. The first coat goes on fairly unevenly but once the second coat is applied you have perfectly even coverage. Date Night was a one coat blue! They do have a fairly narrow brush, I prefer a wider brush, but application was still smooth and easy.

What are your favorite CND products?

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